Speedlite flashes for Nikon cameras

A speedlite flash for your DSLR or compact Nikon camera must be compatible with Nikon i-TTL metering for automatic exposure control. To get this you don’t have to buy a genuine Nikon speedlite flash. Alternatives include flashes from Yongnuo, Godox, Pixel, Shanny or Meike, to name the main 3rd party manufacturers. Apart from the TTL enabled speedlite flashes there are also manual flashes (without TTL metering) which are less expensive but lack some features.

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Meike MK-MT24 Macro twin lite flash for Nikon

Meike MK-MT24 for Nikon is a wireless Macro Twin Flash kit designed for macro photography. The Meike MK-MT24N system, while at first glance seems pricey, comes in at $300. You will quickly realize that it’s actually quite a good price for something specialized that works so well. It opens up a lot of possibilities in macro photography and also simplifies the process tremendously.


Meike MK-320 for Nikon

Running on two AA batteries, the MK320 has TTL and manual control, an optical slave, an LED lamp and probably the smallest tilt/swivel flash head on the market. The MeiKe MK-320 is a very nice little flash that would do nicely in the hot-shoe of many DSLR cameras. It feels balanced, is easy to use and can be used for direct TTL or bounce flash.

As a walk-around flash for amateur photography and social events, you really cannot go far wrong with the MK-320. If you are looking for a compact flash unit for a small camera then Meike MK-320 mini flash is the one we would recommend to nearly everyone.


Meike MK-910

Meike MK-910 is a very affordable i-TTL and HSS enabled flash for Nikon cameras. MK-910 is a great alternative to the higher priced Nikon models. For both on and off-camera use, MK-910 is looking to be the best bang for the buck inexpensive flash currently available. If you’re just getting started in off-camera lighting, or flash photography in general, for its price, it’s a steal! You will definitely learn with this flash and it’s a great starter due to its functionality and price

The Meike MK-910 looks almost identical to the Nikon SB-910/SB900 flashes. Button layouts are basically the same and the biggest physical determining factors for each flash is the make and model number printed on the plastic shell. The build quality is really good and it feels solid. It is features rich, supporting iTTL, 2nd curtain sync, wireless and optical master and slave modes, auto and manual zoom, flash exposure compensation, flash exposure bracketing and much more.


Meike MK-14EXT Macro Ring Flash for Nikon

If you are looking for an inexpensive professional TTL macro flash ring, look no further. Meike MK-14EXT allows you to evenly illuminate close subjects with soft, flattering light. MK-14EXT is a great alternative to more expensive TTL macro ring flashes from Sigma, Canon… MK-14EXT features both PC sync and external power ports. Also, it fully supports in-camera flash settings such as exposure compensation (FEC), flash exposure bracketing (FEB), flash exposure lock, modeling light function, and 1st & 2nd curtain sync modes. The control unit features an LCD screen for directly adjusting flash settings. Meike MK-14EXT is very powerful macro ring light and it recycles in approximately 3 seconds at full power.