Aputure AL-H160 5500K LED Light


Aputure AL-H160 5500K is a professional LED light for both photo and video work. It features 160 daylight balanced LEDs (color temp 5,500K). If you need 3200K color temperature you can simply attach provided CT filter.

Overall it is an excellent on-camera LED light. AL-H160 is very well built for the money and the light quality in regards to its color is excellent. We have seen some pretty bad colors from various LED video lights. The quality of the light is such that colors are rendered very faithfully. For a small on camera led light AL-H160 is our first recommendation.

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Aputure AL-H160 5500K | Pro LED Video Light

Aputure AL-H160 5500K is designed as a camera toplight that utilizes 160 LEDs with a 5500K color temperature and CRI of 95+ to deliver daylight illumination with high color accuracy. The light produces a 60° beam angle with a brightness of 750 lux at a distance of 1m. A step-less dimming dial is provided on the back of the unit for adjusting light output from 0 to 100%. The light can be powered by either six AA batteries or an optional Sony NP-F/FM/QM/FP/FH/FV type battery. It features four LED indicator lights on the back of the unit displaying the remaining battery life.

In essence, this kind of LED light doesn’t need to be supremely powerful as the subject is always going to be an interviewee standing no more than a meter or so away from the camera. What is does need to be is portable, dimmable and of a good quality. The AL-H160 meets the portability requirement with ease. The general conclusion is that the light quality is extremely good and pleasant enough with no obvious discoloration when pointed at a human face.

To create a larger light source, up to nine AL-H160 panels can be attached together using extension slots on all four sides of the light. AL-H160 comes with a small bracket which enables you to join several of these lights together into one collossal LED fixture. The slim and frameless design of the light means that when multiple lights are connected, there are no gaps or light leaks. The included extension attachment adapter also serves as a 1/4″-20 adapter. Also included are a tilt-adjusting shoe-mount adapter for camera-mounting, an orange warming filter and a diffusion filter.

Aputure AL-H160 is a compact, lightweight and affordable LED light designed as a camera toplight. Power to the light is provided either by six AA cells or any of three types of Sony pro camcorder battery such as the NP-F series. It features a cold shoe mount on the base. At full blast, Aputure AL-H160 LED is pretty intense and certainly powerful enough to compensate for a degree of daylight behind your subject, enabling a lower exposure setting on the camera and therefore fewer clipped highlights in the background.

Aputure AL-H160 FEATURES

  • Aputure AL-H160 features 160 LEDs with 60° beam angle
  • 5500K color temperature light – daylight
  • A large power button/knob … press for on/off or turn to adjust levels.
  • Very high CRI of ≥95 for accurate color rendition.
  • Rear step-less dimming dial for adjusting light output from 0 to 100%
  • Expansion slots for connecting up to nine lights to create a larger source
  • A slot for diffusers or gels. (Amaran AL-H160 is equipped with 2 color temperature filters so it can be used under different conditions.)
  • Tilt-adjustable shoe-mount adapter for attaching to camera
  • Battery power indicator lights on the back of the light


Light source160 LEDs
Beam angle60 degrees
Color temperature5500K
CRI (color rendering index)≥ 95
Operating Current≤ 1.5 A
Power Consumption≤ 13 W
Brightness2,860 lux @ 1.6′ (0.5 m)
750 lux @ 3.3′ (1 m)
210 lux @ 6.6′ (2 m)
Average Service Life≥ 100 000 hours
Power Supply1 x Sony NP-F/FM/QM/FP/FH/FV type
6 x AA
Dimensions5.9 x 2.2 x 3.9″ (15.1 x 5.6 x 10.0 cm)
Net Weight11.5 oz (325 g)
Package Weight1.2 lb / 540g

Aputure AL-H160 compatible batteries:

Aputure AL-H160 is powered by either one Sony NP-style battery or six AA batteries (alcaline or NiMH)

Sony NP-F series: NP-F750; NP-F550; NP-F950/B; NP-F530; NP-F970; NP-F970/B; NP-F570; NP-F770; NP-F960; NP-F930; NP-F930/B; NP-F950; NP-F330.

Aputure AL-H160 LED – Package includes:

  • 1x Aputure AL-H160 5500K LED Video light
  • 1x Orange filter
  • 1x Diffusion filter
  • 1x Cold shoe bracket
  • 1x Extension adapter
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Original box
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