Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox


This 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox from Godox comes as a really nice package, especially for those seeking a medium large softbox with affordable price. 80cm model is the first in the line of Godox softboxes designed to be used with both flash speedlites and studio strobes. We recommend Godox 80cm octagon softbox because it gives a good balance between modifier size, price, and ease of use.

Available in different sizes. This octagonal brolly-style softbox comes with an included carry case so you can easily take it wherever you intend to shoot

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Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox

Godox 80cm Octagon umbrella softbox is a large diameter octagonal softbox that works without an adapter ring. This compact soft box simply opens like an umbrella. Place your flash inside, attach the included diffusion panel and optional grid and you’re ready to shoot. This Octagon from Godox has a deeper profile which evenly projects the light source for maximum output while creating round, natural catchlights in the eyes

Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox provides a soft quality of light for your shoe-mount flash speedlite or studio strobe. It sets up and breaks down in a fraction of the time as most competitors. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that this softbox has the traditional design of a silver lining internally with external white diffuser panel. Nothing about this softbox feels cheap and nasty.

Godox produces many different softboxes for speedlites. This model is octagonal shaped and available in three sizes: 80cm, 95cm and 120cm. The octagon umbrella softbox comes in a nice carrying bag. Godox 80cm Octagon is big enough to give beautiful, wrap-around light in a studio setting while also being small, light, and portable for shooting on location.

The 1.0 stop diffusion front face is removable revealing a highly reflective, high-output silver interior. You can also mount a grid to this softbox. By adding the Grid, You are able to focus the light on its target and eliminate any spilling light on the background. Grid for this softbox is available for separate purchase.

We can also offer this Godox 80cm octagon softbox with Grid

Godox also produces 120cm/47″ Octagon umbrella softbox with same characteristics

Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox features:

  • Quick Set-up and Tear-down
  • Fits virtually all studio lights or flash speedlights
  • No Speed ring required
  • Durable framework with heavy-duty reflective silver interior
  • Soft and evenly reflected light
  • Folds up like an umbrella
  • Optional Grid to control beam spread
  • Removable front diffuser
  • Extremely portable, lightweight design
  • No pre-assembly & post-disassembly. Smaller size, lighter weight, & less occupied space.
  • Fits all brands of speedlites or barebulb flashes.
  • Durable protection case is included for simple transportation and storage.

Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox SPECIFICATIONS

Size80cm / 31.5in diameter
MaterialNylon material, Aluminum shaft
CompatibilityAll flash speedlites and virtually all styles of studio flash strobes
ColorBlack outside / Silver inside
Accepts GridsYes
Grid includedNo
Removable Front FaceYes
Requires Speed RingNo
Dimensions77 x 17 x 5 cm / 30.3 x 6.7 x 2 in
Weight510g / 18oz

Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox Suitable for:

Godox 80cm Octagon umbrella softbox is universal and can be used with any flash speedlite, even Godox AD-360 and virtually all types of studio flash heads.

Godox 80cm Octagon Umbrella Softbox – Package includes:

  • 1 x 80cm Godox Octagon Umbrella Softbox
  • 1 x Diffusion panel
  • 1 x Carring Bag
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