Godox AD-L LED Head for AD200 Pocket Flash


Godox AD-L LED Head fits Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro pocket flashes. Its enables users to swap the speedlight or bare-bulb head out for an LED unit with 60 LED bulbs that output 3.6W, making it ideal for use as a lamp when necessary.


Godox AD-L LED Head for AD200 Pocket Flash

Godox AD-L LED Head for AD200 Pocket Flash is a modular LED head for the Godox AD200 / AD200 Pro 200Ws pocket flash. AD-L transforms your compact pocket flash into a constant light source well suited for video applications. It easily slides into place on the AD200 where it clips securely to the flash body and then uses 60 LEDs to deliver 3.6W of light output.

Godox Witstro AD200 / AD200 Pro are portable hybrid flashes with interchangeable heads, one bare-bulb and one speedlight. The new AD-L is a modular LED head for the AD200 system that simply slides into place on the AD200, making for rapid exchanges between heads. While the AD200’s speedlight-style head does have an LED modelling lamp inside it, the AD-L is more powerful, with more diodes, 60 of them to be precise. This gives a wider light spread and more intense output, when you want a dedicated continuous lamp for stills or video shooting.

AD-L head includes a 60 LED bulbs with a 96.5 CRI. The 3 level light output of this head is adjustable in 2 ways, with the power wheel or the modeling lamp button, and the output level is displayed on the LCD panel. The AD-L is very useful for customers who already own AD200 od AD200 Pro, allowing them to transform the flash into battery powered LED reflector at a very low cost.

Godox AD-L LED Head for AD200 Pocket Flash features:

  • LED head for AD200/AD200 Pro Pocket Flash
  • Continuous Light from 60 LEDs
  • Output: 3.6W
  • Slides Easily into Place
  • 3 level output
  • 96.5 CRI
  • Up to 5500lux at 12″


  • Light Source : 60 LEDs
  • Power Output : 3.6W
  • Power Requirements: 9 VDC
  • Power Consumption:400 mA
  • Package Weight: 0.185 lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 3.15 x 2.25 x 1.95″

Package Includes:

  • Godox AD-L LED head for AD200 / AD200 Pro


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