Godox Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for Bowens S Mount SN-01


Godox Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for Bowens S Mount SN-01 is used to add more precise control over where light falls on your subject and scene. Honeycomb grid is included for even greater control and a smaller circle.

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Godox Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for Bowens S Mount SN-01

Godox Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for Bowens S Mount narrows the light’s beam spread to a round, soft-edged circle that gets smaller as you get closer to your subject. Additionally, the included grid will further limit the beam’s spread. The snoot is ideal as a hair or accent light, to add a crisp quality to portraits or emphasis interest in product photography. Snoot is used for both photography and videography.

Snoot can be used in combination with Bowens mount strobes like Godox AD400 Pro, AD600Pro, AD600B etc or with any speedlite flash like Godox TT685, AD200 Pro, TT350, Yongnuo YN685 etc if you attach them to Godox S-Type bracket which features Bowens s-mount. You can also use snoot for videography in combination with LED Lights that feature Bowens S mount like Godox SL-60W.

Godox SN01 Snoot with Honeycomb Grid is an effective way to transform an ordinary strobe head into a highly specialized light modifier to isolate and limit the spread of light. The lightweight conical head shape restricts the output radius of the light beam and controls the light to the specific direction the snoot endowed flash is aimed. A carefully utilized snoot achieves effects in creative lighting, enhances textures and projects shapes of light on dark backgrounds. By limiting light spills, the subject stay distinctly separated from their surroundings, dramatically framed, while not spoiling aesthetics.

Control of the spotlight output from the snoot is a matter of simple physics – as you move the head closer to the subject, the beam narrows into a semi-sharp circle or as you distance the light, the circle grows larger, softer-edged and dimmer. The intensity of the beam is then chosen by selecting the appropriate power level on your light source.

Godox Snoot with Honeycomb Grid Features:

  • Creates a tight, crisp, circular, direct light
  • Grid Further Limits Beam Spread
  • Perfect for portrait and product photography
  • Works exclusively with Bowens mount flash heads
  • Honeycomb Grid 30° not removable
  • Narrows Beam into a Soft-Edged Circle
  • Eliminates Spill Light


  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Mount: Bowens
  • Dimensions: 5.25 x 9.0″ (13.3 x 23.0cm)
  • Weight: 6.3oz (178g)
  • Package weight: 0.56 lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.9 x 6.05 x 5.3″

What’s in the box:

  • Godox SN01 Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for Bowens Mount Strobes
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