Meike MK-MT24 Macro twin lite flash for Sony


Meike MK-MT24 for Sony is a wireless Macro Twin Flash kit designed for macro photography. The Meike MK-MT24S system, while at first glance seems pricey, comes in at $300. You will quickly realize that it’s actually quite a good price for something specialized that works so well. It opens up a lot of possibilities in macro photography and also simplifies the process tremendously.


Meike MK-MT24 Macro twin lite flash for Sony

Meike MK-MT24 for Sony is a high-value flash setup that can be used for macro and other flash photography. The Meike MK-MT24S Macro Twin Flash kit is a wireless macro flash kit, designed for macro photography, and is currently available for Nikon (MK-MT24N), Canon (MK-MT24C) and Sony (MK-MT24S). The Meike MK-MT24 is an all-in-one solution for macro flash photography, with everything you need in the box. The use of two small flashgun’s, the R200, with adjustable direction is more versatile compared to a standard ring flash, as it’ll allow you to bounce the flash heads and adjust the direction of the light.

The MK-MT24 is like a more advanced version of the Meike MK-14EXT ring flash. Priced at $299 this setup lets you control the direction of flash more precisely, and you can use the flash heads as a bounce flash for example. Although it is not quite cheap, We’d say the Meike MK-MT24S makes it affordable enough for the macro photography enthusiast, or even a beginner looking to get good results with ease. Meike actually has many improvements over the Nikon R1C1 which is $400 more expensive – it uses standard batteries, has better LED lighting, and most importantly is triggered over 2.4ghz wireless as opposed to infrared.

Meike MK-MT24 is compatible with all Sony DSLR and Mirrorless cameras with MI hot-shoe, featuring TTL metering for automatically setting accurate exposures. It has LED lamps for AF assist in low light. If you’re looking to get into macro photography with an easy to use setup, this is probably the best and most affordable option out there. If you’re looking for a twin ring flash, then the Meike MK-MT24 is certainly a proposition that offers high value for money, being roughly $300-400 less than main brand solutions. MK-MT24 can be used as a macro ring flash, for macro photography and portraits, or you can use it remotely for more creative photography. The kit provides everything you need to get started with macro flash, and other flash photography.

Meike MK-MT24 Macro twin lite flash for Sony Features:

  • Support for High-Speed Sync, Front-curtain Sync, FE lock and Rear-curtain Sync.
  • 2.4G Wireless Transmission Flash Trigger, Sony camera menu accessible.
  • Supports flash ratio adjustment, each R200 supports 2.4G macro triggered flashing with three groups A/B/C, four channels and synchronized flash of multiple lamps with 7 levels (1/64-1/1) for the intensity adjustment for the flash control.
  • The MK-MT24 lamp holder can hold up to 8 R200 with its unique design, each R200 can be attached or used freely.
  • The MK-R200 flash heads feature 3 LED lights that can be used to assist focus, or for temporary illumination, and take 2x AAA batteries
  • The top MK-GT620 trigger also features LED lights to assist focus or for video illumination and takes 2x AA batteries. On the back is an LCD screen so that you can control the flashguns.


  • Guide number: GN 10 (ISO100) (x2)
  • i-TTL / Manual
  • HSS (up to 1/8000s)
  • 2.4GHz wireless synchronization
  • Rear-curtain sync
  • LED: 5500K (+/-200K)
  • 220-240 shots at full power – up to 4500 shots under 1/4
  • S1/S2 Modes
  • LED – Assistive Preview Focus
  • Adjustable Tilt & Swivel Head
  • Support for Firmware Upgrades

Compatible with:

Meike MK-MT24S is compatible with all Sony cameras with MI hot-shoe: Sony A7, A7 mark II, A7 mark III, A7R IV, A7R III, A6500, A6400, A6600 and other

Package includes:

  • 1 x MK-GT620 TTL Transceiver / Trigger
  • 1 x Annular lamp hold (circular)
  • 2 x MK-R200 Wireless Remote Flash
  • 2 x MK-R200 Soft flash diffuser
  • 2 x MK-SZ Diffuser – for color filter gels (2x 12 included)
  • 2 x Lamp holder / stands
  • 1 x Hot-shoe stand for the trigger
  • 2 x Hot shoe adapters (cold)
  • 6 x Adapter Rings (52mm, 55mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm)
  • small pouch for the provided gels
  • a drawstring pouch for each flash and trigger
  • a larger padded bag to hold everything
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