New Yongnuo LED Lights – YN608 and YN1200

Yongnuo has just released 2 very promising LED products: YN1200 pro LED light, one of the most powerful LED lights on the market and YN608, huge diameter ring beauty light. Both LED lights are available in 3200-5500K and 5500K versions.

YN1200 is the most powerful LED product from Yongnuo so far. It features 1200 ultra bright LEDs and provides a constant light source with a maximum output of 9300 lumens.

Yongnuo YN1200 Pro LED Video light is an amazing product for the money, with 1200 LED beads, barn doors and CT filters and is perfect for studio or on-location shooting. YN1200 can be powered by four lithium batteries or external 19V and 5A direct current power supply which is very convenient for long time use.

YN1200 can be controlled via provided multi channel wireless remote controller and also via smartphone by installing Yongnuo mobile application which can be downloaded from the official Yongnuo website or by scanning the QR code in the product box.

Yongnuo YN608 is the first ring LED product from Yongnuo company (other than macro ring flashes). This is a really huge ring led light with 50cm diameter. It features 608 ultra bright LEDs and white diffuser cover for soft, pleasing light.

Ring LED lights are great light sources for portrait photography, fashion photography, macro and product photography and much more, as well as for videography. Ring lights are known for giving a subject a ring in their eyes. It’s a beautiful catch light that adds extra emphasis on the eyes: which is what so many portrait photographers try to do anyway. Ring lights can provide some awesome light if used correctly.

Yongnuo YN608 supports external 8V,5A DC power input for long time shooting. It can be also powered by 2x sony NP-F series batteries which is great for on-location shooting. You may expect 2-4 hours of shooting with one set of batteries, depending on the power you choose.


Yongnuo YN1200 is currently priced at $204.99 with free shipping. You can choose from 2 versions:

Yongnuo YN1200 5500K and Yongnuo YN1200 3200-5500K


Yongnuo YN608 is currently priced at $149.99 with free shipping and you can also choose between 2 models:

Yongnuo YN608 5500K

Yongnuo YN608 3200-5500K

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