Godox AK-R1 Accessory kit


Godox AK-R1 magnetic accessory kit is designed for use with Godox V1 round head flash speedlite and H200R head for Godox AD200. This kit contains magnetically-attached modifiers that maximize the capabilities of those products. The AK-R1 kit is also compatible with any other speedlight with the S-R1 adapter.

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Godox AK-R1 Accessory kit

Godox AK-R1 Magnetic Flash Modifier Kit is a must-have accessory kit for your speedlights, Godox V1 or Godox AD200. You can also use AK-R1 kit with all other speedlites using Godox S-R1 adapter. This kit includes a variety of lighting flash modifiers. Each modifier is designed to shape the light in different way – giving you creative control over how you want to craft the light.

The kit contains a snoot, four-way barndoors, and a honeycomb grid to narrow the light’s beam and selectively light your subject. Conversely, a near-180-degree dome, a wide lens, and a bounce card with a frame are provided to expand the beam. Finally, a filter set with three amber CT filters and one green fluorescent filter are also included.

The magnetic connection makes the usage of these accessories very convenient, quick and elegant compared to any other solutions like straps and velcros. There are four magnets on every accessory but the rim of the round head (or the round adapter) is magnetic everywhere so you can attach the accessories in any position.

The Godox AK-R1 kit comes in a neat, practical, solid box. The whole kit is brilliant, using it is very easy, convenient, and more practical than any other solution like straps and velcros.

  • Easy to use! Magnetic modifiers stick directly onto the flash head.
  • Modifiers can be stacked to create a combination of unique flash effects.
  • Modifiers can be turned around the rim of the flash head (modifiers are not stuck in one position).
  • In combination with the Godox S-R1 Flash Attachment, the AK-R1 can be used on most speedlights.
  • Durable plastic material.
  • Strong magnets attach firmly onto the flash head.
  • Can be used with custom cut gels (color filters)

Godox AK-R1 package includes:

  • Bounce card
  • Flash gel kit
  • Dome diffuser
  • Wide angle diffuser
  • Honeycomb grid
  • Barn-door
  • Snoot
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