Speedlite flashes for Panasonic cameras

A speedlite flash for your Panasonic camera must be compatible with Panasonic TTL metering for automatic exposure control. To get this you don’t have to buy a genuine Panasonic speedlite flash. Alternatives include flashes from Yongnuo, Godox, Pixel, Shanny or Meike, to name the main 3rd party manufacturers. Apart from the TTL enabled speedlite flashes there are also manual flashes (without TTL metering) which are less expensive but lack some features.

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Meike MK-320 for Panasonic, Leica and Olympus

Running on two AA batteries, the MK320 has TTL and manual control, an optical slave, an LED lamp and probably the smallest tilt/swivel flash head on the market. The MeiKe MK-320 is a very nice little flash that would do nicely in the hot-shoe of many Panasonic, Olymplus or Leica mirrorless cameras. It feels balanced, is easy to use and can be used for direct TTL or bounce flash.

As a walk-around flash for amateur photography and social events, you really cannot go far wrong with the MK-320. If you are looking for a compact flash unit for a small camera then Meike MK-320 mini flash is the one we would recommend to nearly everyone.