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Yongnuo RF-605C triggers are the latest manual flash triggers from Yongnuo. These triggers are an upgraded version of RF-603 triggers now equipped with LCD display. Furthermore the RF605 now adds a group function, providing 6 groups corresponding with those provided by the YN560-TX commander and YN560 IV and YN660 flash speedlites. A new LCD screen, and a number of added buttons provide fast group and mode selections. The RF-605C also provides the option of RF-602 and RF-603 communication modes. These triggers are an ideal companion for Yongnuo YN560 III, YN560 IV and YN660 flashes with built-in RF-603 trigger

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Yongnuo RF-605C | Wireless radio triggers for Canon

Yongnuo RF-605C is the upgraded version over the popular Yongnuo RF-602 and RF-603 models. New features now include flash grouping and a backlit LCD user interface. If you plan on using multiple speedlights in your setup, then the RF-605 will be the better buy. With its flash grouping option, you can enable and disable individual (or groups of) flashes directly on the transmitter itself. Another advantageous feature of the RF-605 is the backlit LCD user interface. This makes it a lot easier to change user settings in the dark.

Yongnuo RF-605C wireless transceiver kit features two 16 channel, 2.4 GHz transceivers as well as a shutter release cables for remote triggering of Canon cameras. Each transceiver has a male camera shoe on the bottom as well as a female hot shoe on top for triggering a camera or flash unit, a wireless range of 100m and sync speed as short as 1/320 second. Furthermore, each has a dual-function shutter release with half-press and full-press functions to wake and fire your device.

The transceivers can be placed in either single transmit or transceiver modes depending on your needs and can wake up flash units and cameras. Each transceiver has both 2.5mm and PC sync ports for using additional cameras or flashes. Each transceiver is powered by 2 separately purchased AAA batteries and comes with a shutter release cables.

Yongnuo RF-605C FEATURES

  • Yongnuo RF-605C triggers cover a range of up to 100m.
  • RF-605C triggers can fire speedlites in Manual mode only
  • Triggers are powered by 2x AAA batteries (alcaline or NiMH)
  • Transceiver-Design: a single unit can be both transmitter and receiver
  • TX/RX/TRX multiple working ways
  • Transmitter supports additional devices in his hot shoe meaning you can use a flash on top of your camera while remote controlling other flashes at the same time.
  • Triggers do not support HSS (high speed sync)
  • 16 channels available
  • 6 groups supported – A/B/C/D/E/F groups (compatible with YN560-TX).
  • RF-605 triggers can work with the older flash triggers like Yongnuo RF-603C II, RF-603 and RF-602 as well.
  • Remote shutter release function – RF605C triggers can be used to trigger camera remotely.
  • Shutter release: half-press, full-press
  • Shutter interface: 2.5mm socket
  • Studio flash light interface: standard PC socket
  • Max Sync Speed: 1/320 second


Range328′ (100 m)
TTL DedicationTTL not supported
Flash modesManual
Sync mode1st curtain
Max sync speed1/320 sec, depending on camera used
InterfaceOutput: Hot shoe, PC port
Input: Hot shoe
Batteries2 x AAA batteries
Dimensions3.34 x 1.61 x 1.37″ (85 x 41 x 35 mm)
Weight55g (one trigger)
Package Weight0.5 lb/200g
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)5.3 x 3.9 x 2.0



Yongnuo RF-605 triggers are compatible with all Canon and Nikon cameras and flash speedlites. Because these are manual triggers, they are compatible with all camera brands with standard hot-shoe and all flash units.

RF-605 triggers can also be used to fire studio strobes. For this purpose you will need sync cable like Yongnuo LS-PC635 cable.

Yongnuo RF-605C – Package includes:

  • 2x Yongnuo RF-605C transceivers for Canon
  • 1x Manual in English and Chinese
  • 1x Original Yongnuo Box
  • 1x C1 shutter connecting cable
  • 1x C3 shutter connecting cable
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